In honor of our Sand Point Country Club neighborhood 2021 high school graduates, there will be a socially-distanced neighborhood GRAD PARADE NEXT MONDAY, MAY 31st at 7:00pm. 


We are hoping to get maximum participation from the neighborhood to celebrate these grads as many of them may not get the opportunity to participate in an official graduation march at their high schools.  All neighbors are encouraged to come out to their porches or front yards when they hear the Graduation March and cheer on our grads as the parade passes by.  Feel free to wear your own robes from undergraduate or graduate school to show them what they have to look forward to as they head off to college!  Who knows, the graduates may even throw candy to the kids lining the parade route!


The Grad Parade route will start at the entrance and cruise down Ridge, at the end of Ridge the parade will take a LEFT at Fairway and go along the outer loop.  Back at the entrance the parade will head back down Ridge and take a RIGHT on Crest and tour the entire inner loop via Crest Dr. and then Forest Dr. and end at Triangle Park.  At Triangle Park there will be a socially distanced traditional cap throw and photos taken of the grads and their families.


Thank you and congratulations to our SPCC neighborhood 2021 high school graduates!

This event is coordinated by Katie Dermody and Ann Martin.